I love to speak on any number of brand-related topics.

These are a few that are near and dear to me:

Brand vision – empowering your business model
Brand values – secret to long-term growth
Humanizing your brand – connecting in today’s market
Making branding simple – how to work with designers and agencies

I present to a wide array of people from the c-suite to the front line, covering topics for business leaders as well as design and communications professionals.

If you are interested in having me present to your team or at your next event or conference, contact me by email to discuss your needs and share further details.

I tailor my presentations to the audiences I’m with, pulling relevant stories from my 18 years of experience building and managing brands.

All of my contact info is on my contact page.


What leaders I’ve presented with and to have to say:

“Shawn is a gifted orator and outstanding brand ambassador. He is able to tell our brand’s story in an engaging and thought provoking way… After hearing Shawn, employees feel a sense of pride and are more compelled to represent the brand. He clearly has the ability to influence his audience through his message.” – Director, Strategy & Business Enablement at Kaiser Permanente

“Shawn is a compassionate, intellectual and approachable thinker, who brings the highly desirable combination of excellent communication and insight about brand and vision to his role as brand strategist. He is a very talented presenter and leader who is very well respected, and has a wide positive influence in our large organization.” – Manager, National Learning Solutions at Kaiser Permanente

“Shawn is a gifted communicator and was the key to our presentation’s clarity and focus. He brought helpful insights that drew out a new level of communication in our organization.” – Director of Marketing and Communication at AOC

“Shawn combines the skills of an artist, with the perception of a psychologist, and the revelations of a prophet to provide firm, caring insights into what can make your brand stand out or your business succeed. If you have something important to communicate, Shawn can help you communicate it. If you’re not sure what to say, Shawn can help you figure it out.” – Management Consultant at Envision the New

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