2015 is a new year, and as cliche as it sounds, a new chapter in my life and the life of my family.

As I write this, my wife and I are awaiting our second child. She was due 2 days ago, so when I say we’re awaiting I mean we’re on the edge of our seats.

I believe this year is a new chapter professionally as well, not sure what’s to come — but I’m ready to step forward in new ways. Writing and sharing thoughts on brand strategy, leadership, and the little things I notice in this life I’ve been given, are a part of that next chapter.

So before I begin adding my 2 cents in this space, I thought I would remind myself that good thinking is a gift and that God helps me in all that I do.

First things first:

If God doesn’t build the house, the builders only build shacks. If God doesn’t guard the city, the night watchman might as well nap. It’s useless to rise early and go to bed late, and work your worried fingers to the bone. Don’t you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves?” -Psalm 127:1-2


If you reason with an arrogant cynic, you’ll get slapped in the face; confront bad behavior and get a kick in the shins. So don’t waste your time on a scoffer; all you’ll get for your pains is abuse. But if you correct those who care about life, that’s different—they’ll love you for it! Save your breath for the wise—they’ll be wiser for it; tell good people what you know—they’ll profit from it. Skilled living gets its start in the Fear-of-Godinsight into life from knowing a Holy God. It’s through me, Lady Wisdom, that your life deepens, and the years of your life ripen. Live wisely and wisdom will permeate your life; mock life and life will mock you.”  -Proverbs 9:7-12


“Jesus said, “The first in importance is, ‘Listen, Israel: The Lord your God is one; so love the Lord God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence and energy.’ And here is the second: ‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’ There is no other commandment that ranks with these.” -Mark 12:29-31